7+ day streak

New design for the User Catalog to promote Coding Connected!


Did some more development today on Coding Connected. The events box is not finished yet. Also planned the launch of the website today and fixed some minor bugs before the launch hopefully later this week!


Want to fix the list so it is higher up. Tomorrow I finish up the website in hopes of launching this week


Love seeing the app I’m working on, on my phone! Need to change the name though so it has spaces 😂


Doing some minor work with swift


Finished Course 6. As of right now I am waiting to create more until after launch, the website will launch with 6 available courses.


Final design done for this part of Coding Connected! Time to start developing


Rough concept design of part of the Coding Connected page. The top two boxes are not fully designed yet


Created a launch plan for Students Who Code. It outlines which features will be coming after launch and what will be available at launch.


Updated the header graphic for the Coding Connected page. Working on fixing bugs, adding minor updates, and preparing for the launch of the website soon


Working on Students Who Code website again. Redesigned the Featured Projects area, because I did not like the first version. The middle box text still requires some work


Created a rough design for the Project page in the app. Tomorrow will include finishing touches of the website and uploading the last course before launch!


Added a new page to the app-Coding Connected

Got dark mode to work on the list. Happened by mistake but I like it 😂


Added the app icon inside of Xcode!


Major work to my To Do list feature. Got the list to work with delete and edit features, still some thing to fix though

Added code to make the website button go to a website, right now I have it going to one of my other websites, and then when I put the Students Who Code website up I will change the link.

Linked the home page of the app to the To Do list view

The homepage to my new app is almost done, just need to add the navigation at the bottom.


First time coding in swift! Can't wait to get started on my app.


Finalized part of the Coding Connected page. Added cards for projects to be featured. Plus included a gif background for the Code Masters section

Created a Website Plan for Students Who Code.


I decided to make some minor tweaks to my scrapbook css. I took a break today off of my Students Who Code website and app and plan to work on the website tonight.


Working on a rough design of the To Do list feature of my Students Who Code app


Finishing up some details on the website before launching soon: added a section about Coding Connected and its features on the home page


Hi! I am creating a website and IOS app called "Students Who Code". Students Who Code will allow new coders access to free and easy courses(for students who don't want to pay or don't have access to CS education). And a page/feature called "Coding Connected" which will allow the users to chat with, Code Masters (high school coders) to get help and feedback and to submit projects. The website is almost done and will be launched soon! The IOS app is what I plan to work on during Summer of Making! It will include a place to track your projects, create to do lists for coding, and get access to our Coding Connected features! This will be my first time building a Swift app! This is a rough concept of the home page for the app