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Day 1 of #10-days-in-public was Monday! How my course schedule is scheduled is basically I have the entirety of Monday free, so it's like a three day weekend for me. It's mostly a half day of studying, with a half day of me doing anything that constitutes as self care for the other half, including dragging my sorry self to the gym for swimming and going downtown to get some food. Don't have any photos of homework to share, so enjoy more photos of fall on campus, a tree on fire, a copy of crazy rich asians I bought at the local used bookstore (which I would like to point out has an incredibly cute Havanese named daisy), had to do some official busines for the college, dinner, questionable butterfly form, as well as the book elevator that I learned about today when I needed to go into the South Stacks to look for a book — pretty good day overall.
Day 3 of #10-days-in-public I’ve dedicated these 10 days to learn more about open source software. Super busy today with a #swim meet, but I got some reading in. I’ve always seen the Arctic Code Vault Contributor badge on GitHub and was fascinated by how massive the open source code vault is. I also did some reading on exactly why open source software is good, namely, the benefits for security and code quality.
I hopefully won't be coding or active much for the next 8 days, because I'm going away over break. Honestly don't mind much lmao, I need to chill (I will miss my green square streak) gonna to learn how to dive and stuff, it's going to be awesome. Also, planning on messing around with neural nets and stuff. Sadly won't get much of a chance to try out my logic gates. Also there's an image of all the items I've added to my simulator in the last 2 weeks, this is the longest i've coded consecutively, and the most fun I've ever had doing so far more importantly added the long needed pause button to my sim
Added screenshots of another old project I worked on last year to my portfolio