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Day 1 of #10-days-in-public, again! I'me trying to finish the design of a website I've been procrastinating on. Today, I mostly gauged my progress and started working on the design for the blog. It's kind of hard to record in action haha so what I do today is going to be recorded tomorrow and so on.
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Ran a workshop on Sprig, variables and functions w @belle - helped these kids in my town build their first games
7/#10-days-in-public: first hacktoberfest prs got approved!
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Day 2 of #10-days-in-public! Finally got the image upload stuff to work and opened a PR to #scrapbook :yay:
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lol so the past few days have been a foggy haze of trying to get @Omay's hit sprig single, Sokoban+, running on the device and like it was kind of basically working the entire time (good) except kind of it would crash at the start (bad) but i can make it not do that by not doing a different other thing (the bootup screen) but WHYH!?!? why bootup screen make game crash later? and how to have both? HOW TO HAVE BOTH? HOWWWWWW
Using Unity and iPhone..made a 3D model of my room :roo-smiley:
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so long, and thanks for all the dinos Thank you everyone who made Assemble possible!! It was just so amazing to meet people who I’ve only talked to online :blobheart:, speedrun the slides for my workshop at assemble :partyparrot:, run around at midnight trying to figure out what was going on with the ctf :org: This was probably the best weekend of my entire summer ❤️ I’m running a hackathon this September, and will totally take inspiration from the vibe and everything at Assemble. And if you’re in the bay area, please come, I’d love to meet you!!
had a fun workshop, thanks to everyone that came + learned about piezoelectric crystals and modelling them using physics and math (calculus!) Hope I didn’t fry any brains with the surface integrals, was fun to nerd out w and meet yall
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Can't wait to code, work on projects and also to *present my workshop*
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working on assemble scrapbook :4daysuntilassemble:
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Almost done with the basic draft of what I'm going to be talking about at The Lightning Talk! My talk is going to about a fairly serious topic; however I don't want it to be boring so next up is to create really fun slides! Also, Obsidian is really cool, I'm loving the translucent glassy background.
further work is being conducted on the successor to 8-ball
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Today I did my last high school 🏫 exam of the semester! 🎉 :parrotdad: Also like yesterday it rained a lot. 🌧️ :cloud-thoughts-head-full: Today as well I studied for some other exams, read a bit about the story of the internet and other useful related topics like DNS :tw_spider_web: 🌐 for my Hack Club project :hack-club: and wrote some notes about it in markdown using Atom :electron: and saw that there are new GitHub Achievements! :github: :pr: This a very nice feature! Currently I have two of them. :pull-request-shark: Lastly for today, I designed new features for my acoustic galaxy :tw_milky_way: creative coding project that I'll try to add soon! 🎨
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Plasma cuttin
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