7+ day streak

3D printer build update: now everything is nicely screwed in together. No more tapes


3D printer build update: Taped together the frame.


The extruder nozzle for my 3D printer came broken :sadparrot:


Starting to build a 3D printer today! I'm finding too many projects to do in this quarantine. I was building something else but recently I was surprised with a lot of 3D printed parts for making a new printer by a friend who already owns a 3D printer. Today I finally got all the parts I need to get started with building it. The 3D printed parts will make the build really quite easy. It may not print great on first try but I'll eventually upgrade it with its own printed parts, hopefully reaching a point where it's as good as a commercial printer. Wish me luck!


Voila! From drawing to real life. I've been planning to make this project for almost a year now.


Learning Kirchoff's Law




Cut some plywood for a project today


Reading more on calculations for buck converters


Just made this poor little thing escape the magic smoke with 12V on 5V pins :((


My computer table is a mess. Finally managed to make a buck converter with Arduino. Got an efficiency figure of 91% when stepping down from 12V to 5V 😉


Here's a newbie 3D modeling I did a few days ago as practice


I put together yesterdays counter circuit on a prototype PCB. I'll keep it running in my room so that the whole world can see if I'm entering or leaving my room here. Yesterday night, a bug probably sat on the sensor and managed to break the code. The online dashboard showed that I entered/left my room 400 times throughout the night. The WiFi modules was stuck in a boot loop when I woke up 🤯


Internet of Things is fun. I just made this visitor counter. It uses a distance sensor to detect if anybody is entering or leaving through a gate and sends the data to ThingSpeak online. ThingSpeak then shows the number on a graph. This is the type of device used in shopping malls to get data on the number of customers. You can see how many times I enter or leave my room for today here


I've been tinkering with IFTTT a lot these days. Yesterday I found this amazing service. Check it out here


Not a new PCB design but I had left it incomplete long ago. Finally completed it today. It's for an electronic load project based on the Arduino Nano.


Today's soldering. It's a small power regulator board that will give me multiple positive and negative voltage outputs from a single AC transformer. It will come handy for prototyping analog circuits. Works like a charm on first power up


Internet is down today so it's time to hack together some hardware! This is going to be a motor driver circuit to work with M5StickC modules. Pardon my poor parts placement. Posting this with mobile data.


Here's a full photo of my CNC drawing robot, or pen plotter from yesterday. I made it last year and I get surprised every time it runs cause most of my hardware projects don't seem to last longer than a few weeks


#AMA with Limor Fried tonight. Pulled out the CNC drawing machine I once made from under my bed and drew the Adafruit logo on it.

Yesterday night I finished making this app that graphs all the sensor analog output values on my line follower robot. You can see how little it moves away from the center, even when taking sharp turns. Thanks to PID controller for such accuracy.

Tried an online dashboard service for the first time. My ESP8266 is sending my room temperature to the cloud and it's being written to a log every hour.


Started tinkering with MIT app inventor again after a long time. I use it because I cannot code in Android Studio :(( I made this app to test the DrawArc function for the canvas component that wasn't there when I last used the software. I managed to draw something that kinda looks like a graph I guess. Might be able to make a graph drawing app eventually which would be able to talk to an Arduino and get sensor data over Bluetooth, in order to plot it on the graph.


Made a studio light almost 100% out of recycled parts. LEDs are from old ceiling lights, the AC driver circuit got burnt but the LEDs light up bright as new. Metal frame is from an old computer casing and batteries are from old laptop. Simple high frequency dimmer circuit with Arduino - the only non recycled part. Can be mount on tripods easily. I will soon add warm white LEDs to make the light a bit more natural white. Hopefully it's gonna be of great use when recording videos :bananaparrot:


Continuing the chain. Love scrapbook


Built a weather server today as a test. I will later be installing it on the roof of the house to get yearly temperature and humidity graphs etc.