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used GitHub pages to open a repo and clone it into VSCode…usually I start in VSCode and then use the command line to push to GitHub. It was cool to just figure out a new way on my own that’s actually easier
Finally got a working Octoprint timelapse, or "Octolapse". Couldn't find a single working tutorial on how to do it with a phone instead of a webcam or digital camera or the Raspberry Pi camera module. Made my way through many documentations and YouTube videos and finally got it working. Getting Octoprint itself was quite a bit of a challenge having a clone Arduino on my 3D printer. Raspberry pi just couldn't seem to detect the Arduino, but eventually figured out a way to make it work. Many hours of tinkering around was totally worth it. Time to get some amazing timelapses on my next prints
I've been trying to switch to :vim: for the past couple days and unfortunately I screwed up when installing plugins, so I had to delete everything in the directory that Neovim was and start setting it up all from scratch. And after many days of struggle I finally finished setting it up, so I can finally code again. It wouldn't be possible to start from scratch again without many members of the community, such as @ced, @luke, @swlittle7, and many others.
Trying hard to adapt to vim (nvim) as the main development environment. It might look tiring, but it's hellla fun. Specially with all the plugins and configs I learned about, makes vim really powerful
graphics programming, OwO written in Rust :dabbing: custom 3d renderer