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Coding crazy fast with fgh and raycast :ultrafastparrot:
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It's Arts Week next week at school and it'll be a lot different to normal :( This week's theme, however, is collaboration. So I wanted to create a platform that let students share their artwork and take inspiration from other's artworks! Meet the Collaboration Hub:! It's going to be used next week for people to share their art, and for people to take a look at their art! People can "remix" art which is when they build on top of another person's art work or take inspiration from some art :)) built with next.js and geist-ui again lol... this was my first site using props (i actually built the above one after this but the Arts teachers took a while ahahahaha). also heavily inspired by scrapbook
Put some coffee in my coffee cup!
Finally after 2 re-orders recieved the required model and make. Huge Thanks to @annlee_fores for going through all that headache. I've already started disassembling it and let's seee...
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Finally got a working Octoprint timelapse, or "Octolapse". Couldn't find a single working tutorial on how to do it with a phone instead of a webcam or digital camera or the Raspberry Pi camera module. Made my way through many documentations and YouTube videos and finally got it working. Getting Octoprint itself was quite a bit of a challenge having a clone Arduino on my 3D printer. Raspberry pi just couldn't seem to detect the Arduino, but eventually figured out a way to make it work. Many hours of tinkering around was totally worth it. Time to get some amazing timelapses on my next prints
Done with another python project! Learned how to code a program that fetches a random article from wikipedia. It also provides the title and summary of the article and allows you to choose if you want to read it or not. big thanks to @luke who helped me figure out solutions to every problem i ran into while making it lol.
pet sitting for my parents and siblings while they went camping. generally unproductive as a whole today
Had a really awesome time competing in my first CTF. Big shoutout to @luke for encouraging me to do it and to @kenmueller0 @dr.blobbles @saharsh for letting me be on their team even though I was a total noob lol.
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pringle :clairebookworm:
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