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:shipitparrot: :oblong: OBLONG SHIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP :oblong: :shipitparrot: The admin dashboard for Obl.ong, a free subdomain service (i.e. reese.obl.ong), has been completed and users are being onboarded! You can claim your domain today! It has a fully-featured DNS management panel, with more features like email forwards and PURLs coming soon!! Go to obl.ong and join the waitlist! All the code for the admin panel and is fully AGPL open source at github.com/obl-ong/admin. This is really meaningful for me to finally see this be shippable, and me and @m04 have been working on this for some time now. (p.s don't tell anyone but just go to admin.obl.ong and sign up :P)