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:shipitparrot: :oblong: OBLONG SHIPPPPPPP :oblong: :shipitparrot: Introducing v1.3.0 of oblong admin! It's an improvement over v1.2.0. It now has a fully featured OAuth & OpenID Connect API & a nice developer portal (Sign in with! There's also now a system for requesting "provisional" domains that immediately appear in your account while pending admin review - no more tally form + manual transferring of domains. Admins now actually get a page in Adminland where they can approve/reject domains. Additionally, we finally implemented a linter so the code is a bit more bearable than it used to be. You can use the release live today at - or host it yourself! Side note: We now have a forum! You can register for the forum with your account (thanks to the new API) at --reese :shipitparrot: :oblong: OBLONG SHIPPPPPPP :oblong: :shipitparrot: