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Working on a scratch game!
:scratch: :shipitparrot: SCRATCH SHIP: SSH FOR SCRATCH!!!:scratch: :shipitparrot: The past week I've been working on getting SSH over WebSockets working to allow for building SSH apps with TurboWarp, a Scratch fork with custom extensions. It required me to write Go code compiled for WebAssembly to get a full client working, but it does work! Introducing, - building blocks for SSH apps in Scratch. It allows you to connect to any Linux server provided it has a WebSocket tunnel to SSH (see websocat/websockify) like Nest! You can execute commands, have full programming control flow with Scratch, and more! You can try this extension today at ,or by loading bundle.min.js in the package through a NPM CDN (like jsdelivr) from the "Custom Extensions" tile. Git: NPM: