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#10-days-in-public day 6/10 more on my polistat project: the site is officially launched (with a couple of features coming soon)! today i added a governor seat distribution chart and a methodology page based on the prediction model my class designed. check it out here:
#10-days-in-public day 4/10 (i hope im not too late β€” i was busy grinding a feature and lost track of time) more on my polistat website project: i added an interactive senate seat distribution chart!! this took me so long ugh cuz i made it from scratch with svg paths and stuff, but i rlly like how it turned out! i got like a day left before my deadline for this project for school so hopefully i can get everything done 😭
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Day 2 of #10-days-in-public - might actually complete all of this by the deadline! I've been working on techniques to get unstuck, primarily recognizing that I am getting stuck and trying to identify the cause/other things to do (also, the number of latex errors keeps going up, idk why but the output seems to be what I expect so 🀷)
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Today, I tried out :redwoodjs:RedwoodJS for the first (I’m planning to start using it in a new project!). As I was playing around, I made this small website that housed a collection of dinosaur images! It was interesting messing around with Redwood’s generators & how Redwood uses Prisma. 🌲 Into the redwoods I go...
bought and spent some time on a more thoughtful and dynamic site :))
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Well I'm not going to be a piano player anytime soon
took a break today :)) and while watching a video lecture, i got distracted and drew a random dinosaur
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Played with lightings in ThreeJS
first meeting went amazing!!! thank you everyone that gave advice, couldn't have done it with out you <3
OMG I got a macbook pro!
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