In May 2023, I have, for the first time, sponsored & organized a hackathon! 🎉 The event invited fellow students of all levels of mastery in computer science, and allowed participants at my school to form teams, make friends, innovate, win prizes, sharpen skills of all types (computer science, entrepreneurship, and beyond), and have a fun & memorable experience. 🎁 It was also a major personal goal for me that I am happy to have achieved before I graduate high school. :smiley-twemoji: :thumbsup-dino: Taking my past personal memories at hackathons I've attended, such as BetaNYC (March 2020) and Hack Club's Epoch Vermont (December 2022) :epoch: The 2-day-long McCown Hacks :mccownhacks: also made a great closing to the third year (2022-2023) of Gaynor McCown Hack Club :gaynormccown:, and an awesome milestone of my nearly complete high school career 🎓 , in which my passion for computer science was sparked! :gaynor-mccown-gradient: McCown Hacks website: McCown Hacks 2023 (inaugural event/first year) website:
Boarded and ready to fly to Delhi! Can't wait to see you all!