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it took me 1.5 hours of debugging to get this... I hate react
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having a fun time debugging this (no clue what to do atm) so it will work for tmrw at 12:30 am when i need to get up around 6 am for my flight.
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Today I debugged a jest testing in web book publishing tool. It turned out there was a marginal problem, but I have chosen wrong path to find the bug it at first, which let me to lose few hours. Next time solving similar unknown issue 1) I want to be more strategic about it, recall the need for metacognition and planning of the debugging process, 2) do short write-up of how it went.
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The Organization, a security protocol by The Future, Inc.
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Today I worked on my next workshop: Acoustic Galaxy! 🌌 🌆 This is a project that comes from Hack Club's :hack-club: P5.js :javascript: Sound 🔉 Visualizer by @matthew! Thanks for all the help! :quad_parrot: It's very cool, I learned many awesome coding things and I debugged too 🐛 :dino-debugging: , as well I deployed the project to Vercel! :vercel: acousticgalaxy.vercel.app. And here's the repo! :github: :pullrequest: github.com/J-cordz/Acoustic-Galaxy :parrotdad: