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Duo threatened my mom
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I’ve decided to give up on my Duolingo streak. I don’t enjoy doing it anymore, nor do I have the energy to. (and yes i have unlimited lives. no i didn’t pay, and yes, this is the official app)
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Day 4 🏫 School stuff AAAAAA 🏊‍♂️ Swimming practice That hurt... :duo: Swedish I forgot to do it, but! I have a streak freezer, so hopefully duo doesn't get too mad... :tw_spiral_calendar_pad: Tomorrow So tomorrow is THE WORST DAY OF ALL, I HATE YOU WEDNESDAY. Um sorry, I took it too far didn't I? Um, yes, now. School (not yay, I have the hardest schedule for Wednesday), Ancient Greek tutoring (NO I DO NOT LIKE THIS PLS NONONOOOO) and English School (that's cool I guess, I like English, I use it all of the time. Wait...) Here's a photo of my mandatory book collection (aka school text books 😉)
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