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A Wordle clone ship! 🚢 :emojile: :shipitparrot: Earlier today I attended @heyrajan’s Build Your Own Wordle workshop where I made my own Wordle clone and decided to make it with Hack Club Slack emojis. I used @BenjaminSmith’s Hack Club emoji API to get a list of emojis and display then once you solve it. I also added the same animations as the original Wordle because it was driving me crazy :eggsdee:. There are definitely a lot of bugs but that also means there are a lot of features :cooll-thumbs:. My score for today is in the 🧵. Try today’s :emojile: Emojile: emojile.dino.icu and post your score in #wordle! :github: GitHub: github.com/yodalightsabr/emojile
Today I'm working again on the Procedural Art workshop :toitle: before moving to another one! I'm also going to rice/customize 🌾 my MacBook again! :macintosh-stcicker: :macbook-air-space-gray-screen: And also. setup some terminal and CLI tools! :iterm2: I'm also following MDN Web Docs on Front End Web Development! And here's an image of my first scrapbook post, now turned into a emoji using #emojibot :stickers: ! Lastly tomorrow I have Biology as I said yesterday! So I'm going to be sharing more cool images of tissues on the microscope! 🔬 🧪 :labtocat: