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Guess who's got their kayaking certification? Meeee, I completely fluked that "assessment" and now it's "safe" for me to kayak. I am a one star kayaker, I honestly didn't know you needed a certification to kayak so this weekend took an unexpected turn but was certainly one fun experiment! Also had fish and chips from this very British fish and chips shop, yumm photos are of some art in the MRT I saw, a very empty mrt carriage and the fish and chips
https://cloud-bd8cb3ltb.vercel.app/020200726_203529.jpg https://cloud-bd8cb3ltb.vercel.app/120200726_134304.jpg https://cloud-bd8cb3ltb.vercel.app/220200726_201659.jpg https://cloud-bd8cb3ltb.vercel.app/320200726_134801.jpg
still working on my website, 🤞 that no problems occur so osf can be on next thursday, actually enjoyed using airtable and the cool features it has, went to the beach and it was pretty hot but the water was literally antartica cold, had so much fun in the AMA w Tommy DeVoss and learned a lot, and most importantly…. ate some good mcdonalds fries 🍟 heres some css from my website 🙂