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Today is the first day of what I call Winter Hardware Wonderland Extended Edition :winter-hardware-wonderland: :ultrafastparrot:. ~~~ Project Description ~~~ Want to plant flowers but you don't know where to plant them? Utilise the Plant Location Chooser that helps you decided the place based on the environment ( i.e. Humidity, Temperature) ~~~ The 📜 Changelog of wisdom ~~~ 1️⃣ Introduces the final hardware component, the Soil Moisture Sensor 👏 ~~~ :future_potato: What are you going to do tomorrow? ~~~ That's a pretty good question! I plan to finally finished the software! Bluetooth listening sucks. ~~~ Hey what's this? :minecraft: ~~~ Yes that's right! Today was pretty chill I decided to play some Minecraft on the official server ( If you have minecraft do join #minecraft for more details ) featuring the one and only @Odysseus and @DevIos! I at least had an amazing time.
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