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Y'all remember my lil cherry tomato plants? Well here they are after more than a month. Tomatoes are almost ready to appear, will update you guys in a couple weeks
Hello to whoever is seeing this, I wanna show you what I've done today so far. 1. In the first 2 images, you'll see my cherry tomato plants, both of two images show plants germinated the same day, the only difference between both is that the plants in the first image are being grown in soil that has no "nutrients" (they got stuck there), and the plants in the second image have the best soil I could find, that's why these lasts ones look bigger and a lot better. So today I decided to transplant more plants to the better soil and I hope they'll grow as good as the another ones. 2. In the third image I was removing all the plants that basically don't do anything and i'm planting new ones that can gimme food. 3. And finaaally you'll see my homegrown grapes, yes GRAPES, ofc they're not ready to be eaten but they will sooooon. Ahh today is a beautiful day and I feel so good bro, like today is a sunny day but it also was raining while being sunny like wtf!! Hope you guys are having an amazing day, cya!
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Sent out Hack Club’s newsletter and engaged in an epic battle against hundreds of tomatoes in my garden
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Had a can of crushed tomatoes left over so I made some super-simplified menemen and tomato toast for breakfast, want to get back into cooking and found some inspiration in this dish
i completed one. tomato