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First NextJS Conf. Hope to get something new from Conference.!!!!
Hey Check this out!! Testing on fruit😂
Hey Hackers!!! Check my my SOM project. Another Coming soon hehe.... Thanks again to @sampoder @roshan and entire team who made SOM possible. 🙂 🙂
Swags Are love !!!
My OctoGuit hehe
simple testing for project Thanks hackclub for grant again. i would have never used this without the grant, it was never possible..
:party_orpheus: :party_orpheus: :party_orpheus: When I googled Orpheus, I found that orpheus is an musician mythological character in greek. So, to make my orpheus meaninful, I tried to make an Musican Orpheus with headphones. hehe hope you like it. :party_orpheus: :party_orpheus: :party_orpheus:
Guys Do u know that id u create and repository of your own name as in github then your have unlocked github secret to show your bio on github profile. Whoever tries please let me know. It would be great fun give it a try 🙂 and dont forget to send the screenshots 🙂