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ultra random ship… but my student council pulled off one of the biggest events of the year super last minute! we wanted to raise money for movember :moustache-parrot:, but caught up with stuff, in the end we did a 🥧 pie the teacher event! we had 10 or so teachers + me and the vice president of stuco who were forced into this by some very ~evil~ creative stuco members loll, it was painful but i individually raised like 50 bucks so thats cool… overall, it actually went super well and mostly smooth and we raised like A LOT of money: $529.85 💸 i looked like the abonimal snowman at the end apparently
OK wow i forgot to post today
rip streak, 2nd highest only to @sampoder who had 2 day adv >:~
My mac wasn't /isn't booting up rn and shutting down at random times without any warning, and apple support says it can be a kernel panic, I wasn't able to do much today, wasted a whole day in this mess
Did a call with Max, Luke, and Malte about some Slack stuff today :slack: