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Today I visited a college campus! And for my coding projects I hope to work on an Astronomy and Space 🌌 project after finishing other pending things first! Also this is an image of the Dolphin Head Nebula!
made a new pfp but didn't change it because i want toys from santa
Maths reboot day 4? im still just makimg sure i know everything from the earlier years so i dont miss anything. id say im about 70% done with that part so in celebration heres a squishy faced sea creature.
Took me like all day but I finally cleaned out a whole mountain of stuff™️ covering this section of the office, as I get ready to make it my full-time dorm/classroom. I’m purposely not showing any of the actual desktop side of this room bc i still have quite a bit of work to clear that space lol :fastparrot: In light of not getting to be on campus, I’m even considering decorating the office w like college paraphanelia as like a flip flop: instead of bringing pieces of home to a campus dorm, bring pieces of the campus to home ... All still just ideas floating around atm but it’s fun thinkin abt :)