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Somewhat of a WIP, but I've been working on the Molerat protocol for the last few months and it's coming along really well! I've implemented a server for it Moleserv in Python, and I'm working on an Ncurses client for it in C currently. It's been a huge and fun project for a while now. It's not 100% ready to use since the client isn't done yet, but it's at a point where I want to start showing it to people. Here's the client I'm working on by the way: git.trinket.icu/molehole.git In the end, this is less of a code/software ship, more of an announcement for the protocol which is ready to be shared. We even have a lovely mascot, Potat the naked mole-rat!
testing out a new monospaced typeface I’m designing
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prof made me the host before she left coz im helping people with debugging :yay: but then everybody left :blob-sad:
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