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Tested the WHW urban kayak in a lake. It floats fine, DIY paddle was a mistake
Day 8 of whw: hakyak is starting to take shape.
3D printed sailboat. Floats in water! Just gotta print the mast now :)
:party-dinosaur: This has certainly been a day to remember! Today my brother (Tom) and I headed down to Marina Bay / SportsHub Area to have some fun! We decided to do some kayaking 🛶 and now we're taking a two day course to get try our kayaking certification 📃 We kayaked around Marina Bay, it was really nice to kayak around Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens by the Bay and all the famous landmarks you'd associate with Singapore :singaporeparrot: We then went to Popeyes, to grab some lunch which was yummy as always 😋 They had these really nice little ice cream cubes that we shared! Then we headed for a walk from the Stadium, heading up along the boardwalk and condos then to Marina Barrage and ending in Gardens by the Bay. (so basically walking around the reservoir we had gone kayaking on). The first photo is of the water sports centre and the reservoir. The second is your famous Marina Bay group of buildings: Marina Bay Sans (the complex with 3 buildings and a boat on top), Gardens by the Bay (a new garden built next to the CBD), the Arts Science Museum (the white flower shaped building) and the Singapore Flyer 🎡. The third are the super trees at Gardens by the Bay, these are super cool fake trees. They are vertical gardens that house exotic plants, they collect rainwater for the garden, have solar panels to power their light displays and are engineering genius in my view 🌴 Then the fourth photo is of the CBD, with the gardens in the foreground. 🏢 The fifth is the National Stadium, which is the largest dome in the world, has a retractable roof and because Singapore is in the tropics a environmentally friendly bowl style cooling system that feels like air conditioning (trust me it's cool in their) but uses 15% of the energy. The sixth image is of the gardens again 🌻 I hope you enjoyed my tour of Marina Bay, good night you all I'm tired 😴
https://cloud-aojonxlwf.vercel.app/020200725_152426.jpg https://cloud-aojonxlwf.vercel.app/120200725_080446.jpg https://cloud-aojonxlwf.vercel.app/220200725_141148.jpg https://cloud-aojonxlwf.vercel.app/320200725_152438.jpg https://cloud-aojonxlwf.vercel.app/420200725_132748.jpg https://cloud-aojonxlwf.vercel.app/520200725_151921.jpg