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Just shipped github.com/jdogcoder/harvest-hackathon-game as part of #harvest! Currently at an semi MVP, and site will 100% crash/error if more than 2 people try to play the game, but essentially you each control a hand, and are trying to get them to link. I have yet to build this in, but you will then have to avoid obstacles for as long as possible. When this was going to tie in with Haunted House, after 30 seconds of avoiding it would redirect to the next haunted house room, but I am going to convert it so its leaderboard based. If you want to attempt, you and a friend can visit harvest-hackathon-game.vercel.app/game. It may crash if others are on, not super sure yet. More refactoring to come shortly. A HUGE thanks to @zrl and @Elliot for their help on this!