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Ever wanted to add easter eggs to your GitHub profile, or leave a fancy message for anyone inspecting your contribution graph? You can now with GitWrite! Over the past few days I wrote GitWrite with inspiration from @aiden.bai05’s GitHub profile and how he spoofed dates for commits. It’s pretty easy to use, you just have to make sure you do it in the right repository, otherwise it’ll be a lot more git commands to undo :eggsdee:. Try it out! :github: github.com/yodalightsabr/gitwrite :npm: npmjs.com/package/gitwrite-cli
Late new years resolutions: • make at least 5 github contributions a week • get better at working ~harder~ smarter • build one app every 6 months • update one app every month because im a lazy procrastinator i won’t start these new years resolutions til february heres a photo of my github commits, pretty lame
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just hit 2,000 contributions! (i wanted to hit 2,000 last year but it is what it is lol)