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After lots of struggling, Scrappy is finally off of Next.js and is now its own Express app. The code looks mostly the same, but now hopefully it'll stop crashing. I tested this as much as I could before merging into the real scrappy, but admittedly I didn't test every feature (only a few basic ones, like posting and some commands). So if you run into any issues with scrappy, please let me know so that I can look into it 🙌 :scrappy: :scrappyparrot:
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I'm proud to present... 🎉 :scrappyparrot: <|My new Scrapbook profile!> 🎉 :scrappyparrot: Featuring a lovely beach scene with a captivating sunset, this theme is kinda decent in my (humble) opinion. Some fun facts about it: • Every 4 minutes, the sun sets, then rises ☀️ • It's 100% CSS animations! No GIFs were harmed in the making of this scrapbook. :parrot: • The bird's name is Garry. 🐦 He really like skiing, and wants to become a professional ski jumper someday. ⛷️ • It doesn't work on mobile, and it'll actually warn you if you try to view it on a small screen! 📱 • I used many much pseudo-elements 🖼️ Check it out (on desktop, please)!