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the C port is coming along nicely :) :c: 🌳 🌳 🌳 it can render the same forest, but with much better fps than the Rust version because of a handful of graphics programming tricks I've picked up since then. similarly to @AakankshaRangdal-U02F16CHZA4's post, also made mostly with circles! (okay, nonagons, but still hehe) actually, on that note, I've attached a picture of the original version I made in Rust: do you prefer its circles to the nonagons? let me know by reacting with 🟢 or :stop-green: (technically an octogon, but close enough) repo here: :githubparrot: if anyone has a second and would like to try to build and test the native executable on windows, shoot me a DM. I suspect I might have some depth sorting issues on DirectX but want to make sure. 🚧 :blender: I've also attached a picture of what the map looks like in Blender, as well as a tiny glimpse of the script I wrote to export it. if you've played the Rust version then maybe you can guess what each line, diamond, square and circle means 😁