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Made a website for my volleyball team :)
hey fwens :hyper-dino-wave: i did more volleyball today and now my body is EXTREMELY sore :(( but completely worth it haha! also, i had a decently productive school day and just spent the last 5 hours wrangling with css even though i should have been studying for my exams :roo-yay: (idk what image to add so here's a photo of my sister's hamster)
Hey Fwens :hyper-dino-wave: Today was pretty awesome!! Didn't get as much studying done but i got to hangout w/ my friends and play volleyball (had a free period so went to the gym to play around w/ the volleyball and even though i didn't ask, the pe teacher offered to train me which made it more fun). Also, worked on updating an existing web project (took longer than expected). ANDDDD i finally listened to alec benjamin's new album... so good!!! Hope you have a great day :) (look at this album cover adfhkjsdhfs and the incohesiveness of this scrapbook represents my current mental state :flushded:)