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Got away from posting daily updates this week, but it’s been quite a week! Made the new homepage which I’m pretty proud of, got (dozens of) other things ready behind the scenes for the Clubs launch on Wednesday, continuing our social media. Working with Michael, Amogh, Christina, Matthew, & Max every day. Now I’m full steam ahead on Bank & the cards migration we’re starting to roll out. Here are @matthew’s doggies from last weekend!! πŸ• :macbook-air-space-gray-screen: :yay:
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school has starteddd but i still have a messed up sleep schedule and i'm still watching ted ed's or walter lewin lectures or some cool stem or humanities special topics at 1230 am !!
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nice job @clairebookworm w a sick p5 workshop πŸ™‚ ! hoping my hardware grant goes through! yall there r 64 peeps in #osf and counting! check out #announcements, join #osf, and go to the OSF website to find out more info, rules, etc.!!!! TONS of gp for participants in OSF πŸ€‘ :walter: 😁