1-day streak

Wrote a little script using the Shodan API that checks for IP cams across the world that lack authentication


Just scored a $50 bug bounty from ATT (CSRF vuln in mobile signup)


Been AFK because of COVID things, but just wanted to say shoutout @orpheus for that hardware and also I just got user flag on a pretty tricky hackthebox challenge


Made a vulnerability scanner for CVE-2020-14011


Day 1 of creating a reddit bot for r/playboicarti that translates english into cartinese


Nothing crazy, but I wrote a simple script that runs in the background and reminds me to drink water. It's been getting rlly hot out lately, and I drink way too much soda.


Nugget detection? Works. Imgur upload? Works. Deepfryer? WORKS. I can finally take a break now.


Implemented the detection model into a flask app, along with the Twilio API to respond via SMS. Model needs to be trained more, it totally skipped over the import part (nuggets), but this is good progress!

Chicken nugget model needs some more work, but progress has started. nugget != donut


Collecting a chicken nugget image dataset for my super secret project

Been working on a reddit bot for about a week that sends you eyebleach when you call it. Finally deployed and running on GCP!