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today i presented.. the *CLIMATATOR*! itโ€™s a 4D interactive media experience / climate change simulator that showcases the effects of climate change to a younger audience. you enter the cabinet, put an AR headset on, watch a fictional weather report from 2050, then you begin to feel the heat of a heatwave ๐Ÿ”ฅ (thereโ€™s a strong heater inside), then you going on a bumpy ride (haptic motors) in a fire truck fighting wildfires :firefighter: (itโ€™s still boiling from the heater and it intentionally smells of burning) and to end of your experience a cyclone with winds (a big fan) and shaking (haptic motors) ๐ŸŒ€ + itโ€™s got sound effects and a nice video (this is my myp personal project, goal was to create an engaging way of learning about climate change) the wooden structure was put together with a lot of drilling and with the use of recycled materials to the extent possible. i learnt a lot about woodworking as this was my first ever real woodworking project. *this is biggest project ever, itโ€™s taken me since August to build this all outโ€ฆ..* and iโ€™m really proud of the final product. uses a mix of Raspberry Pi Python, Arduino, Next.js & Node.js to all work. the AR headset is powered by Holocron (www.npmjs.com/package/@sampoder/holocron) more is at: climatator.co/de :partyparrot:
https://cloud-lwd22jmab-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0whatsapp_image_2021-03-03_at_14.20.38.jpeg https://cloud-lwd22jmab-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/120210303_153819.jpg https://cloud-lwd22jmab-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/220210302_195342.jpg https://cloud-lwd22jmab-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/320210303_153853.jpg https://cloud-lwd22jmab-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/420210303_154846.jpg https://cloud-lwd22jmab-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/5screenshot_2021-03-03_at_9.53.37_pm.png
Made fluffy lemon cupcakes! (but no frosting so... muffins??)
https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-armzujvv9.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg