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shaking my head while looking at a software rasterized quad in zig not following a tutorial or anything, just seeing how much I can do with the vector math I already know I think calling @sin or @cos means your executable gets linked to the CRT which adds 60kb to my executable; if I can find a pure zig implementation of cos/sin, I can knock the executable size back down to ~4kb I also think the quad grows in size a little bit when it's rotated because my tangent and normal aren't actually perpendicular 😳 ideally instead of setting the entire tangent vector, I could just set the "angle" and have my quad be an axis + angle combo, but I'm not sure what the vector math looks like for that. I know if I have two perpendicular vectors I can get a third orthonormal basis using the cross product, but I'm not sure how to go from one perpendicular vector to 2 short of quaternions or rotation matrices (surely there's an easier way?)
My brother and I cleaned, laid gravel, and spread chips in a horses stall today! Hot work lol
Tried out new boots for riding today, had a nice time at the stable with the horses🏇🏇!