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Tried out coding on my iPad! Was very cool! I built a little microservice to make a print from a github markdown file: printhub.now.sh, it’s so i can markup new workshop bounty submissions in review, which i built a siri shortcut for
https://cloud-loz5k7eah.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-loz5k7eah.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.png
ipad-pro-2020 emoji
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started playing with procreate on ipad today. love the replay feature
I’m feeling incredibly stressed with midterms, finances, internship apps, and a shit ton of headaches on my plate — and I didn’t have a stress ball, so I scrawled on my iPad for like two minutes straight eyes-closed and it was honestly kinda cathartic. so here is ... spider web ??
“Out of options for any remotely safe escape, Michael went up to the window, opened the umbrella...” When the only way out is the least safe option. I was basically going crazy almost forgetting the lighting effects since I kept switching between two apps to make this...but it turned out okay in the end. Made using my iPad Pro with SketchBook and Ibis Paint X.
Increased mobile compatibility...
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ipad-pro-2020 emoji