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Day -1 and 0 of #10-days-in-public was this weekend — never logged into slack so these days don’t count, but I finished up my five week one credit statistics course, deployed my .rmd files to the university cs website, partially cheating using WinSCP because I can’t be bothered to actually learn it, but had a great weekend with human interaction involved. Highlights include: Fall in the city, writing postcards, farmer’s market on the square + sunflowers, “Hot and Spicy Cheese Bread” that disappointed, weekly volunteering at the children’s museum, amazingly good butter chicken and garlic naan, and 6 hours of doing absolutely nothing but roasting bad movies on Netflix (the Letterboxd diary isn't pretty) and eating cake from the expensive bakery downtown after the most hellish midterm week this semester.
So today I watched the Game Changers. I am already a vegetarian and now *I am going to become a vegan* 🥕 Everyone this is a must-watch. Yes, It is a very strong recommendation. Please do watch it 📺 P.S: It is on :netflix:
Yeah been on sooo many zoom meetings this week (we don't use zoom for school), also I realized how much netflix I've been watching :angrycry: . I've been learning React again these days and brushing up on my ML theory!
Had a :figma: doodle session while watching "Hilda" on :netflix:. The backgrounds are originally from the show, I just modified them. Here's the sandbox
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Raspberry pi - 1, DRM - 0. Finally completed my media server with help of widevine and kodi addon's. Sprinting to finish off lighting controller to finish my living room project. Thanks som team, @sampoder and @roshan for the opportunity.
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Making a new project!!
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