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So today I watched the Game Changers. I am already a vegetarian and now *I am going to become a vegan* 🥕 Everyone this is a must-watch. Yes, It is a very strong recommendation. Please do watch it 📺 P.S: It is on :netflix:
Yeah been on sooo many zoom meetings this week (we don't use zoom for school), also I realized how much netflix I've been watching :angrycry: . I've been learning React again these days and brushing up on my ML theory!
Had a :figma: doodle session while watching "Hilda" on :netflix:. The backgrounds are originally from the show, I just modified them. Here's the sandbox
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Raspberry pi - 1, DRM - 0. Finally completed my media server with help of widevine and kodi addon's. Sprinting to finish off lighting controller to finish my living room project. Thanks som team, @sampoder and @roshan for the opportunity.
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Making a new project!!
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