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more food because food is good!! we went to a local bakery and got waffles for brekkie as a treat coz summer vaction is coming to an end.... last day tomorrow :( making a random game app thing with a raspberry pi to promote my club, will hopefully share a demo tomorrow!! also it was an interesting national day..... a weird one.... a sad one... best represented by this national workout video i keep on getting as an ad on youtube and this very slow sombre yet fitting national day theme song
Just gettin so technical.....now using VS Code Editor and GitHub Desktop. W tutorials from @zrl & @lachlanjc and from the kitchen @msw thank you!
more pancake art! this is rlly fun lol :hackclub: ๐Ÿงธ
Maple Sap Part Deux: End of the Line
If you've ever wondered how they harvest sap for large maple syrup operationsโ€ฆ