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🦖 day 5 of #10-days-in-public for my film making/film script writing learning! i missed the past few days because i was very sick and so could barely have energy to do anything. but today i decided to get back into it. I used the past few days i at least watched a few movies everyday over the past few days and so today i… • used alot of what i learned while i was watching those movies to write a basic story bible for my dinosaur movie script. • established a setting where humans and dinosaurs coexisted, the movie would be a dinosaur war movie where people fought with dinosaurs with technology équivalent of the 19'th century. • watched alot of filmento videos on youtube to see how different famous movies created good plots and good action sequences • thought up a new theatre design for my action sequences, since it is the 19th century this is a period where you have thousands of guys standing next to each other just firing with muskets so i designed a custom theatre with 180 degree fov so you could see the entire battle similar to old battle panoramas • thought of ways people could use dinosaurs in war if they coexisted with us. ◦ pilots would ride pterodactyls into combat with scythes attached to their bottom which could extend midair to slice through soldiers ◦ pilots would launch from argentinasaurs (worlds biggest dinosaur) and so it would be like a dinosaur aircraft carrier i attached a photo of art made by some other artist that i got inspiration from for my film script, but i will attach my drawings in a couple of days of what i came up with so you could visualize it better mostly cuz they’re a mess rn and i gotta redraw them before sharing :)
Today I did a lot of Biology Lab 🧪 🌱 homework 📝, and in this following next days I'll try to go to the Zoo and take some pictures! 📸 🦙 Meanwhile, I've been thinking on making a Youtube :youtube-logo: Channel to share some interesting tutorials and maybe some of my game walkthroughs! 🎮 Also, my poll about dinosaurs 🦕 was a total success, with many options and a lot of participants! I'll try again to publish on #poll-of-the-day very soon! And here's a Pterodactyl :pterodactyl: :