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🎉 club ship club ship club ship :turner: last friday, @heyrajan and i hosted the first hack club meeting at turner fenton for this year! after months of weird bureaucratic idiocy, we got clearance to use the largest makerspace at school—and we filled it up right to the brim! after a couple days of stickering, we got hundreds of signups and invited everyone to lunch inside the robotics room, where we played a ton of glass animals w/ projectm visualizers on the walls and introduced everyone to the world of hacking ✨ we also got a fair bit of people onto the slack (where we’ll be doing most of our club stuffs); check out #turner and @turner-hackers! club season hasn’t officially started at our school yet, so i was pretty stunned to see the turnout we got—i’m so so so hyped for the next lil bit :parrot_love: you can find a compilation of photos & moments on twitter :)) ❤️ happy hacking, homies~