Double throwback!!! Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of Anonbot, an instagram bot that wreaked havoc on my school until February 2019. This was my second Node.js project, after era-project. Any piece of text submitted on the website would be converted to an image and posted on the Instagram page. It was used mostly by me, @yuto, @physicalc123, and a few of our friends until it started spreading like wildfire across the school in late fall 2018. With the newfound fame in my school, posts became increasingly toxic, and people began using it to gossip and spread rumors. In February 2019, some people posted messages that others interpreted as warning of a school shooting. The police were called, and I spent the next day in the office + at the police station. I wasn’t punished in the end, and everything was fine, but I agreed to kill the bot and make the code private so that nobody could fork it and start it back up. The code remains private, but the Instagram page is still up: instagram.com/anonbot.wl