0-day streak

Love a lazy doodle in the rain!


learnt what git rebase does today! Updated my fork with og repo haha


working with groff!


Creative retreat today! Used a fork as a brush to make these.


Super chill day today! Played uno with fam and watched a movie


Took a session on DSCOMG - explaining a project I worked on, Akina. It is a platform for people to request resources, chat and suggest shops for the resources and to stay updated with latest news about the pandemic. Loved the experience and I've learnt a lot from this project. Winding down, watching Wasp Network


Happy International Flutter Day! Looked into flutter for web today. Wanted to get started on building with Flutter but didn't get to it :P Had my official dry run for my DSCOMG session tomorrow, super excited and nervous. It's quarantine day 101!


Spent today understanding and revising Knowledge from the CS50ai course. Realized the concepts are very similar to my uni course on theory of computation. Also practised for my DSCOMG session.


Update - I tried Pop OS 19.04 and that didnt partition my USB when I etched it, also used Rufus for etching and not balena. And finally got it working! Wohoo i'm excited!! Thanks to @Krishna Prasad Bhat for all the debug help and motivation :partyparrot:


Oh gosh! Been trying to dual boot w POP OS and for some reason, the POP OS iso created partitions in my USB, thats causing failure to load kernel while I try to boot. I tried etching w ubuntu and that didnt create any partitions. Debugging is tiring 😫 @


Participated in Hack Girl Summer over the weekend, designed and built a website to help analyse key skills from your resume and to list jobs based off your resume. We also added a chatbot to help around the application. I learnt how to use Firebase with React mainly for OAuth and writing to the database.