0-day streak
Do you love when the code randomly decides not to work anymore? This code wasn't touched for a long time and it decided it wants to throw errors from now on
Update: IT WORKS LMAO. I can finally run node apps on my phone and use it as my testing server
Using my old phone as a testing server
Participated in one university's "open doors" day. The lecture was about Java, but I didn't understand a single thing as idk anything about Java so I should try out it sometime. Oh also I forgot to take the pic so enjoy my normal lesson instead :^)
Trying something out. Might try to turn this into the capture-the-field minigame :^)
tons of time passed since my latest scrapbook post. updated my website yesterday after a long time.
Today I decided to work on a new project (like i wouldn't have the unfinished side projects lol) called ParrotRPG. It's a Discord bot, which, after i add the features, would let you catch wild party parrots, train them, battle against other players. In the future, I'm planning to add "effects" - magic power to the parrots, which make them stronger and more, if I come up with something interesting.
Looking forward to learn web development this summer, but at first I need to finish coding my older projects. Finally cleaned-up the code of my meme bot (for Discord) "uwutranslator", written in JS using Node. This project has definitely helped me to start using JS a lot, as this was my very first project "that people actually used it and not for school-only purposes" :D