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Eeeiii! First #scrapbook post. With the help of the sweetest, smartest co-workers here at HQ, I’ve been building a Slack cat bot in js using Bolt. I started by roughing out a design that is vastly beyond my current abilities, and that is based on the ~worst~ funniest personality traits of my IRL cat. A Cat currently lives in #the-litter-box only. It’s very shy, for now. So far, I’ve learned how to: • set up a bot using Slack’s API • use Replit; and then, • get my Slack tokens revoked by accidentally moving all my code to a public repo in GitHub • regenerate those, and put them in a non-uploaded file • Run my bot locally On the js side I’ve learned how to: • Set up which channel it is in • Get the bot to respond to certain words or phrases • Set up delays and randomization • Create ‘untriggered’ events (ie the bot does random things without provocation) • Have the bot react to users entering the channel
Learning about the basics of TensorFlow :tensorflow: to do machine learning! did you know that Google Colab has an easter egg where you can get corgis and kitties to walk across the top of the webpage? They also wear halloween costumes 🎃 and santa hats on Christmas 🎅