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Eeeiii! First #scrapbook post. With the help of the sweetest, smartest co-workers here at HQ, I’ve been building a Slack cat bot in js using Bolt. I started by roughing out a design that is vastly beyond my current abilities, and that is based on the worst funniest personality traits of my IRL cat. A Cat currently lives in #the-litter-box only. It’s very shy, for now. So far, I’ve learned how to: • set up a bot using Slack’s API • use Replit; and then, • get my Slack tokens revoked by accidentally moving all my code to a public repo in GitHub • regenerate those, and put them in a non-uploaded file • Run my bot locally On the js side I’ve learned how to: • Set up which channel it is in • Get the bot to respond to certain words or phrases • Set up delays and randomization • Create ‘untriggered’ events (ie the bot does random things without provocation) • Have the bot react to users entering the channel