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:lefthand: New Ship Time :righthand: Our world is full of nasty things. Obviously, I’m talking about Keyloggers. From stealing your special numbers and oh so special search terms to making popping and mooing sounds while you type, the world is a very scary place :eye_real:. Worry no more! With Axe you can cut down those keylog(gers)! Just 1 simple click and your oh so precious search terms will be protection ~with the low price of $5 a week.~ (👉Remember: always use protection!👈). Turn on Secure Input and Turn off Secure input with a single click: too easy! You can even right click and set some amazing preferences, for ultimate security™. And, if you every get stuck, an embedded apple help book and my world class tech support is here to help: (It’s also sandboxed, notarized, code signed, sparkle signature signed, resourceless, hardened runtimed, and updatabled for maximum security) SO: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Download now (and give me fake internet points ⭐️):
My very much work-in-progress rendition of Czardas, a fun piece for solo violin