@steggy called me a furry so many times that I decided to make a bot to ping him every time someone called me a furry. I think it worked (kinda worked, cuz i'm having hosting problems, cuz of heroku and slack api). Please don't attack me in the thread
@steggy gave me inspiration to work harder and do stuff dont translate
summer-of-making emoji
CTF was a fun experience. What an amazing first hackathon? (not really sure if it was a hackathon). Learned so much stuff about hacking and IT that I don't know I would learn without the CTF. Almost had a heart attack when @steggy suddenly passed my team (Cyber Pandas | @adrianlobo, @sswikerdiddell, @isacisboss718, @yashkarthik95) by submitting several solutions in less than a minute. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible @hkatzdev, @jasonaa, @mukul-a, @alice, and other organizers I didn't ping!!