We’re developing bot to be ur homie over in #vibez-dev for the #vibez channel, and it’s coming along nicely.. github.com/hackclub/vibez-homie @Khushraj and @caleb coming through with the pull requests was awesome (now I’m writing typescript 😄 thanks fam) We’re going to use something like “radar charts” (which you may know from Pokemon) to display emotion over time. It’s a bit like scrapbook but for tracking of moods and vibez. Eventually, one will be able to query their radar chart across time to show how they’ve been feeling in a certain period, and even do the same for the entire channel as well. Imagine asking a bot to show you how the has been feeling for the past week and then getting an image of summated emotional statistics in an infographic! ✨ magical. I added a few images of the progress in motion, as well as examples of a radar chart and an “emotional wheel” which I think we’ll use to quantify our radar charts’ facets (@jubriloye2016 chose it!). pop over and see what it’s about if you’re interested! coming to a Slack Club near you, sOoN!
https://cloud-lb8a5d3eu.vercel.app/0image.png https://cloud-lb8a5d3eu.vercel.app/1image.png https://cloud-lb8a5d3eu.vercel.app/2image.png https://cloud-lb8a5d3eu.vercel.app/3image.png
https://cloud-o9fmx14zr.vercel.app/0screenshot1.png https://cloud-o9fmx14zr.vercel.app/1screenshot2.png
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Just installed Pop!_Os on my laptop. It was really a hustle, after having to factory reset my laptop and spend about 5 hours trying to figure out how to install linux. The felling of getting to that desktop is so good, I don't have words for it. And also thanks @luke, @muirrum, and @jubriloye2016 for giving me some tips on how to do this.