Designing my own card. thanks @maggie for the awesome workshop
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THE AMA WAS AMAZING! I'm so glad to have joined it and been part of the moderation team, thanks a lot @maggie and @Lucas for hosting this! :david-malan-pog: :cs50-duck:
Art created using DALL-E 2 inspired by @maggie's profile picture. Took so many attempts to get the right one.
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The sun is setting at Unite Hacks and we are mostly done with our project @maggie and i are hard at work
My previous Pull Request got merged! :merge: 🎉 Here's an image showing how the link update looks like and my streak after the position changes! :fireball: Also recently I participated at #mission-control escape-room and it was so cool :cooll-dino: , although I didn't had time to talk about it in here! It was very useful to me because it helped me to get better at flexbox :harder-flex: :css: , and I learned many different tools and how to use them like CyberChef 💻 🤌 that I've been using recently, it's a really useful tool for any sort of data format conversion! Also I learned about curl and I've been trying to figure out with @maggie, @mutammim and @fayd what is Hack Club :hack-club: planning to do this summer! We have a few theories :blobninja: , and the most likely is that the event is going to be at SF! :tw_bridge_at_night: We also have other theories that include animals 🦦 , a blimp or some kind of hackathon! :quad_parrot:
Today I continued talking on the Slack :slack:, contributing to some interesting conversations on friends channels, I coded a bit, and made a small progress on the background gradient, although I still can't find a good enough color scheme combination, and learned as well about SVG Animations which I'll try to add to my website! Thanks @maggie :maggie: for the help and the tutorial! Here's also another Astro's Playroom screenshot on my PS5 and one of the menu with some of my games (I'm still downloading some of them):playstation: 👀 Also I just realized that my contributing/streak diagram looks like a face due to it having some blank spaces, which i'ts a bit weird because I post daily :thinking: and finally, tomorrow I'm going to have more website updates!
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