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TIL from Hussein Nasser that there's this new feature built into the browser, through which you can easily "lazy" load your images! It's as simple as just adding loading=lazy attribute in your <img> tags! If ya don't know what lazy loading does, it just defers loading the image until it reaches a calculated distance from the viewport, as defined by the browser. The intent is to avoid the network and storage bandwidth needed to handle the image until it's reasonably certain that it will be needed. This generally improves the performance of the content in most typical use cases.
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woo scrapbook time alr! Working on a few projects • Remaking my trashy portfolio, with less everything (I swear to fucking god why can't scroll snap work) • messing around with circuits. Ordered a bunch of this little chips (image attached), and combined with XOR I'm hoping to make a simple adder. (Not as impressive when there are people on this slack designing whole CPUs) • Messing around with Noita-style falling sand sim, and resisting the urge to try that game • The most retarded Linux distro idea Also, Vitalik AMA was awesome! Below I've attached some of the interesting comments from the Vitalik AMA youtube live stream (hmm)
More scam emails!
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