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I've been struggling to put together large-ish completed projects lately so I decided to just go all out and see how much I can get done in a day-ish. I just finished up ankylos ( a modular bootstrapper thing for node projects. Here's what it does: 1. Grab a preset to clone from. This will be copied to whatever destination you specify via a tarball from NPM 2. run ankylos bootstrap to read from the ankylos.config.js in the preset. this tells ankylos what plugins to install and configure. for example, the next preset automatically installs and configures the 'editorconfig', 'eslint', 'github', 'husky', 'markdownlint', 'pnpm', 'prettier', 'renovate', and 'vscode' plugins. it'll also send instructions for build scripts to set, dependencies, etc. ankylos will take care of the explicit dependencies in the preset first. then, it'll install your plugins (ive made like 10 of them for convenience) and install your plugin's dependencies (these are stages 1 & 2 of the bootstrap phase) 3. ankylos prompt you for project metadata and will insert your custom build scripts along with this metadata into a fully-filled out and templated package.json file. finally, ankylos will walk through each of your plugins and apply/copy the files specifies in ankylos.config.js 4. from there, pnpm install will bump you in to your new, modular, automatically-bootstrapped, linted, formatted, <insert a bunch more buzzwords> project! i only had enough time to create a next and node preset so be sure to check those out. anyway, i'm glad i was able to follow through with this and i hope y'all like it! p.s: you can check out all 16, yes, 16 projects from the ankylos monorepo on its dedicated npm org: anyway, i'll try my best to maintain this (it's in my best interest too so thats good) if anyone else decides to use it
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