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What's a great playlist name.
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ahhhh thank you so much ella for the acrylic keychains! they look awesome 💖 :dinosaur_waving:
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Orpheus is taking over
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Some exciting new @undefined updates! :confused-dino: • First off, polls now have a handy-dandy progress bar ███████ to let you know how popular an option is at a glance :eyes_squint: • Second off, you can now create polls that allow other people to add options; super handy if you're looking for recommendations or project name/domain ideas! (it's also a super sneaky way of adding more than 4 options to a poll :blobninja:)
dinopolls can now be made to support multiple votes! :confused-dino:
I've written a program for my Python CS class' (, can't seem to resolve the errors... I hope and plan to revisit and fix this soon, when I learn more :python: . In the meantime, I'm starting freshly from scratch, and writing a more simple program (my initial attempt may have been over-complicated).
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I ran an event today