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Day 5/10 of #hardware-party!! :winter-hardware-wonderland: oops, i missed a day, but i’m back. not many new updates about the split flap display — ive smoothed out some of the holes that the flaps are inserted into the drum so none of the flaps get stuck now. one thing im trying to look into rn is that sometimes it flips too many flaps than it should. (maybe the number of steps im making the motor turn is too many?) also im gonna label the flaps soon with the alphabet so it actually displays stuff lol. also… ive been 3d printing a moon lamp for a gift for a friend! check it out :))
Moon 2 june 2007 🙂
so hi, havent logged in a while because I was busy with school and some very important school exams that counted towards high school admission, passed everything and kinda took a break from everything this summer. Didn't work on any projects this summer, however I did get a new pc(I7 10700kf, gtx 1650, 16gb ddr 3 2933mhz and some m.2 500gb from samsung, very pleased with how it turned out), a new phone since i was able to get it for half the price and my old one was kinda dying on me(it's a s20fe and I love it). Need to catch up on everything that is happening since I missed quite a few things from what I can see (the random photo of the moon was made using my phone)
kinda falling back into the photography/editing world
snapped a moon pic for a school assignment
painted a thing today, I am not a good artist but it was fun
I worked on Bank navigation & attended the awesome AMA with ladyada today, but an unexpected highlight was this remarkable, 6” Luna moth visiting tonight.
https://cloud-11z76czyg.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-11z76czyg.vercel.app/1file_from_ios.gif