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so hi, havent logged in a while because I was busy with school and some very important school exams that counted towards high school admission, passed everything and kinda took a break from everything this summer. Didn't work on any projects this summer, however I did get a new pc(I7 10700kf, gtx 1650, 16gb ddr 3 2933mhz and some m.2 500gb from samsung, very pleased with how it turned out), a new phone since i was able to get it for half the price and my old one was kinda dying on me(it's a s20fe and I love it). Need to catch up on everything that is happening since I missed quite a few things from what I can see (the random photo of the moon was made using my phone)
kinda falling back into the photography/editing world
snapped a moon pic for a school assignment
painted a thing today, I am not a good artist but it was fun
I worked on Bank navigation & attended the awesome AMA with ladyada today, but an unexpected highlight was this remarkable, 6” Luna moth visiting tonight.
https://cloud-11z76czyg.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-11z76czyg.vercel.app/1file_from_ios.gif